Spotify Mod APK Premium v8.6.12.986 + (Mega Mod)


What is Spotify Premium APK?

It is a piece of well-known music online streaming app that allows you to listen to music anytime. It is one of the most popular applications which streams the music online. There are Millions of albums are kept in their servers that will help you to listen to your favourite songs whenever you would like to.

Still, it is not available in many of the countries. Even my country is one of them. If the country that you are currently living in is not listed on their list, then there is no need to upset. We have given a proper guide to run the app in restricted countries.

This Spotify Premium mod helps you run the application in restricted countries also. Even this app shows unavailable in Playstore when you are in a restricted country.

The team is planning on expanding their streaming services to remaining countries along with what currently in. Below we have provided the download link to Spotify Premium Mod APK, and some other steps are there to install the app please follow this Guide until you understand it completely.

Mod Features:

  • Mod is Working Without taking Root Permissions.
  • Listen to Music with High-Quality Sound.
  • No Advertisements. (Audio and Visual)
  • Play Any Song on Demand.
  • Repeats enabled
  • Seeking enabled
  • Unlimited shuffle
  • Download song won't work.

Spotify Mega Mod Premium APK features Unlocked

  • Dark Amoled Theme
  • Unlocked Next Track
  • Unlocked Previous Track
  • Unlocked Seeking FWD/BWD
  • Unlocked/Able to Select Any Songs & Albums
  • Unlocked Repeat Once/All
  • Unlocked Shuffle
  • Unlocked Very High Audio (Visual, WIP)
  • Disabled Force Shuffle
  • Unlocked Spotify Connect (Premium Bypass)
  • Unlocked On-Demand Sharing
  • Unlocked Canvas Sharing
  • Unlocked Voice Feature
  • Unlocked Volume Control
  • Unlocked Animated Heart
  • Unlocked Lyrics Sharing (Works only in supported countries)
  • Unlocked Storylines
  • Unlocked Sing-along (Works only in supported countries)
  • Unlocked User Playlist Annotation (New Feature)
  • Unlocked Follow Feed
  • Unlocked Editorial Mode
  • Unlocked Full-Screen Stories
  • Unlocked Facebook Login
  • Disabled Audio Ads
  • Disabled Video Ads
  • Disabled Visual Ads
  • Disabled Third-Party Ads


  • Added “Local Import Music” (Credits goes to Sherlock Holmes)
  • [NOTE: All imported music can be found at “Your Library”/Like Songs (Playlist)]
  • Added Podcast More For You (New Hidden Feature)
  • Added Podcast Next Queue (New Hidden Feature)
  • Added Voice Assistance (New Feature)
  • Added/Enable Waze SDK Feature
  • Added/Enable Thumbs Mode Feature
  • Added/Enable Chromecast Filtering
  • Added/Enable Device Picker & Google Assistant Linking
  • Added/Enable Silence Trimmer Feature
  • Added/Enable Subtitles Autogenerated for Video Captions

Note: Login is required , you may sign up with Google/FaceBook or mail , If google fails please login with Email

Note: Download Songs option won't work

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