Reface Pro apk v1.11.2 (Latest, Unlocked)


 Doublicat is now Reface 🎭 We swapped our name, now you can get to swapping faces.

What is Reface ?

This app is used to edit and paste face on any picture or video. You get free awesome templates. As we live in the era of memes, this app is really helpful in making some. You can put your friend’s face on a funny video and surprise him on his b’day. Like boom you wished him in a super unique way. And to be honest, writing happy birthday with a pic in status is just too old and boring now. So here you can start a new trend. You can make many relatable and funny posts by using this app. You can take any clip from a movie or series and edit it by pasting any other face on it.

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Why use Reface Pro ?

You can take any pic you want to see yourself in, edit it and paste your face on it. Such kind of edits are quite popular nowadays. Like many people put picture of their face on different pictures and gain many likes. Most of the people always stay unsatisfied with their own body shape and unfortunately if you’re one of them, this app is helpful for you to paste your face on any of your favourite picture and get a picture of you which you like and admire.

If you’re one of those unlucky people who rarely gets a perfect click and somehow that happened to be with a not so cool background, then now this app is there to help you. Get a picture of your favourite background and paste your face on it and see the problem is solved. So now these things will not bother you much if you start using this app from now on. There’s nothing to wait for. Download this app and enjoy the features.

Features of Reface :

  • Have fun and amaze your friends
  • Swap your face to celebrities
  • Add your face in any video, gif
  • Make a funny entertaining video
  • Add your face in trending memes

Mod Features:

  • Paid Subscription Activated
  • No Limits 
  • Watermarks Force Disabled
  • All Ads impressions/Invoke methods and links Removed/Nulfied
  • Most of trackers Cutted
  • All Architecture Supported
  • Removed few trashes
  • Google Services Required
  • Mod By Lunadev

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