Betternet Hotspot VPN v5.11.0 (MOD, Premium)


 A sad fact for everyone in this modern day is that they are being monitored through the process of using their internet. It is okay to stop updating information via the internet, but it has become one of the most challenging habits of people today. Especially for young people, one day not accessing Facebook or Instagram, Twitter, … has made them uneasy. Tell the youth generation now to stop using social networks or to use websites, considered impossible. Even if they don’t use it for entertainment, they have to use it to do the right things like searching for documents and then contacting the teachers’ emails. In general, it is impossible to avoid the use of the internet in this era of information technology 4.0.

Anonymous Connection and Privacy Protection

So, the safety issue for users, who will be the solution? The internet itself is not owned by anyone so that no one will solve it for you. Users will have to protect themselves from harmful purposes available on the internet. Betternet Hotspot VPN is a useful tool that has been trusted by more than 50 million users on Google Play. They downloaded it to their device and produced beneficial comments and are generally compliments for this application. Betternet VPN is the skin manufacturer to match the Android device as much as possible. To use it, you can feel significant safety and reliability. Users will immediately see what their IP address will be hidden from all those around them. Besides, your Internet access will be encrypted so that no one can read it and find you on the internet; then it also makes public Wi-Fi hotspots safer. Besides, it helps users to unlock all previously blocked websites for any reason. You will have easy access to the internet and increase your understanding without obstruction. If you are afraid that you will access an unsafe website, this application will be a close companion.

When users use a VPN connection, they are like being included in an anonymous browser. That also means they don’t need to use any more anonymous browsing functions. Everything you manipulate right on the internet will be encrypted and kept private. People on the internet will not be able to recognize you because you are anonymous here. Thanks to the VPN, it will give you a secure tunnel to access public Wi-Fi spots. It will look like a shield, throwing away all the dangers from sharing a wi-fi connection, for example, a nearby hacker wants to access your computer through a link of the modem. Finally, thanks to the fact that your IP address will be hidden and equipped with a mask, no one believes this world can know who you are and access the internet from. You are safe when using Betternet Hotspot VPN

Benefits of Using BetterNet Premium

Five Simultaneous Connections

As you may know, the BetterNet allows five simultaneous connections. It means that you work on a laptop when watching movies on your phone or listening to music on the tablet. Several VPN providers ask for a paid subscription but not offer this feature. This is more convenient when you do not need to disconnect a device for another connection through the VPN.

Peer-to-Peer Connections

BetterNet is one of the VPN services allowing other people to access your connection. Of course, it is with the case that the VPN is remaining to protect your connection and you permit other people to access. This seems to be a useful feature.

In reality, several paid VPN services block the P2P connections as they do not need to deal with court orders related to copyright infringement. These infringements are from downloads and uploads from a torrent which used commonly with P2P.

Disadvantages of Using BetterNet Premium

Lack of Some Essential Features

As a premium service, BetterNet should have had more interesting features but this service cannot meet this need. Here are some important features that are missed:

  • DNS leak protection
  • A kill switch
  • ‘Stealth’ technology
  • A cloaking system
  • Port forwarding selection
  • Limited Customer Support

Normally, you can access customer support through the official website, especially when you pay for a premium service. Members even can require help guides. Unfortunately, the BetterNet is not good at this support.

There will be no live chat, email address, or phone numbers to contact. This means that if you have trouble with the service, you cannot have your problems resolved quickly.

The Verdict

The BetterNet Premium is a basic VPN software with some specific features. It allows users to stream without many troubles. Besides, BetterNet premium does not come with adverts, brief privacy policy, and leaves many grey areas that give you a more secure feeling.

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