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Phone usage by users is increasing day by day, so users will be increasingly bored with the device’s default themes. If you then enter that case, then there is no hesitation without refurbishing your phone yet? Come to the Flux – Substratum Theme application, an app that refreshes your phone and brings something fresher to your device. This app is what users need when they are bored with the old interface of the device.

A unique theme

Unlike other applications, this app does not bring many different themes styles for users to choose from. It just only one theme, this app has brought users a lot more new feeling. But a theme that not only gives users the novelty but also has a lot of different advantages as well. Because there is only one theme for users to use, it has been designed in the most optimal way possible for users to use. Users do not need to worry about the quality of this app, because it is great.\

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Diversity of colors

Instead of having many themes for users to change, this application does not do so, it allows users to change the theme’s main color tone. This is just a small change in the application, but it has helped a lot of users and brought a lot more new experiences. Users do not need to worry about being bored when using the app anymore. There are many different colors for users to choose from, such as Deep Blue Background, Black Amoled Background, Dark Gray Background.
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Change the color of the keyboard

Although many apps can change the theme of the device, changing the keyboard theme is very rare. But this app will help users do that without downloading another app. When users change the color of the theme, the color of the keyboard will also be changed according to the color of the device. In the past, users needed to download a specialized app to use this. But when this application is available, the user does not need to do that, because this app will help users do it. This is very convenient for many users and creates unity for the devices.

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✔️ Works with

  • Android 7/8/9/10/11 stock and custom roms
  • Oxygenos 9/10/11
  • Samsung 8/9/10/11 (oneui 3 support is still in beta)
  • Synergy OneUI, Substratum, Substratum Lite

MOD Features:

  • This is an Paid app in Playstore ( 2$/140rs ) 
  • Free For MODDED GURU users.

Please Read Our Guide in order to install the theme in your device, Click Here to Read

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